Quality Content & Copywriting in

Hungarian, English and Romanian

My name is

Agnes Petra

I believe in dreams. I believe in myself, my skills, and the abilities that I have accumulated on the way.

I trusted in the little girl, who once had many dreams, and today I also believe in the independent woman who made those dreams come true.

I 'm here to help you make your dreams become reality.

So, who am I?

I'm an independent marketing & customer service specialist.

How did I get there? With many hours of study, long hours of work, more learning, and even more work.

Do you remember when you were a child, and grown-ups asked you: "So, What would you like to become when you grow up?" It's hard to define what you'd like to become when you grow older. I wanted to become a wife, a mathematics teacher, and a language teacher. I'm none of these. Not specialized. But as a marketing consultant, I combine reading and listening with numbers, writing them in results in the best possible way. Even better, in more than one language.

Life will throw you into various places to meet new people, gain experience and skills, change workplaces, and move countries. It happened to me. But that's a different story.

For now, my mission is to help start-ups, and small to medium-sized businesses, have an online presence. I'm calling those who have little or no marketing knowledge, strategy, or plan, do not understand, or don't know where to start. Those who want to get into online media, get known, and grow their audience, brand recognition, and revenue.

I'm here to inspire and to make things happen.

a vase filled with orange flowers on top of a wooden table
a vase filled with orange flowers on top of a wooden table

Changing to the digital world

Growing up in a small village in Romania in the 90s, just after communism, my family was the first to have a cable telephone.

Then, slowly most people started to connect via digital channels. Suddenly, it became a need and communication asset to connect and bring us into the digital world. Today is not just a trend but has also become a lifestyle and generation tool. I believe it's paramount to have a committed and genuine community beyond the online sphere to be able to have a positive influence on people's lives. With more people online than before, the competition for attention is fierce. Therefore, you'll have to work hard to appeal to the masses.

That's why my goal is to help you understand the power of the online world and to create connections that go beyond the internet.

This picture illustrates the dam in my native village Zetea SubCetate, about which you can read more here.